Monday, January 6, 2014

{our home} home tour the beginning.

As many of you know at the end of August we moved into a new construction townhouse. Though the construction process was long, and at times making decisions for a house you couldn't physically stand in was tough it was exciting to see our vision come to life.

We tried to pick smart upgrades because it is very easy to get carried away and we wanted to leave some things for us to put our own personal touch on once we moved in. We loved our builder and they had a lot of good options to choose from, but when you are buying a builder home there are only so many options and to us it just didn't seem to make sense to pay for things we didn't love.

So before I get into the exciting stuff of where we are now, let me first show you the blank slate we moved into. 

Please forgive the iPhone pictures, these were sent to my family 4 days post move in. Remember, I said 4 days post move in, I am cringing at the thought of putting these out there, the place is a disaster.  And before you ask, I normally make my bed, but I was busy unpacking and scrambling to get our house in order, and yes, our dogs sleep in our bed. We are those people. Just keeping things real.

The main living level or second floor we have the kitchen, access to the deck, a powder room, dining area and the family room. 

Kitchen: We purchased the benson pendants prior to moving in and the hubs installed them for us. Best decision we ever made, I love them. 

Dining Area and door to deck which we added a month after we moved in.

Looking back at the kitchen, dinning area and fireplace on the right, the powder room is the door directly to the right. The stairs to go down to the basement which is on ground level and upstairs are on the left.

Family room: This room took forever to come together thanks to a couch that refused to fit up the stairs and then was on back order. A month with lawn chairs was miserable.

Family room bar area.

Otis has to be included too!

Garage: Jumping down a floor. Matt has put A LOT of time to making this garage functional, wait until you see the semi completed space.


Rec Room: The rec room is on the basement/ground level. In the picture above it is directly behind me. Otis clearly had to join the tour.

Rec Room:

Rec Room: from another angle, there is a full bath on the right.

Jumping up past the main level (2nd floor) to the third floor the guest bedroom. In the chaos of moving I needed one room to look sort of pulled together.

Office: Diaster zone.

Upstairs Hall: The guest bedroom and office are directly behind me in this picture, the guest bath is the first door on the right, laundry room is the second door on the right and the master is directly ahead. (Side note: Matt decided at the last minute he wanted to carry the hardwoods up to this floor, it was the best decision).

Laundry room: enough said.

Master bedroom: And we finally found Buckley.

Master bedroom again from another angle, Buckley still hasn't moved.

The bathrooms we kept pretty builder grade with plans to making some adjustments in the future. 

So that about wraps up the tour folks. 

Since moving in we have built a mantel, added more window treatments, redesigned the laundry room to make it more functional, had a deck built, added tons of storage to the garage and have been accessorizing like a crazy lady. 

Over the next few months, I plan on sharing where things currently stand in each room, what my ultimate vision is for each space and the projects we have completed thus far.

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